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Safety of Colloidal Silver Products

Colloidal Silver has been shown to be successful against more than 650 illness-causing microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi).

Colloidal Silver is safe and non-toxic to the human body.

The U.S. Government's Center for Disease Control confirmed in 1995 that there has never been any allergic, toxic or carcinogenic reaction to colloidal silver.

Misinformation Regarding Colloidal Silver Products As numerous problems with the use of prescription antibiotics have arisen, people searching for other safe solutions have started to re-discover or discover for the first time the use of silver products as an alternative to antibiotics. However, some people using and selling certain types of silver products have made false claims with no data back-up. Often times these claims have come only from anecdotal evidence. Because of the non-existence of test data, these products have been shunned by many health professionals. Additionally, it is quite unfortunate that most health professionals have no real knowledge of the health effects of silver. Because of this lack of knowledge, they may give incorrect information to their patients. The medical community seems to be pitifully slow at understanding the unique capabilities of silver in fighting infections.

Consumers are finally being warned that antibiotics are being overused and in many cases becoming ineffective. Evidence from many independent laboratories indicates that silver is a viable, safe antibiotic alternative. However, many doctors dismiss this option by continuing the myth that the use of silver will cause the patient to turn blue, grey or even cause toxic build-up. Although there are recorded cases of argyria from using silver products, these are not the norm, but rather the exception.

The ONLY known side affect of using any silver product is a condition called Argyria. We have never seen or heard of anyone getting Argyria using any modern colloidal silver products.

Definition of Argyria
Argyria is a non-toxic condition caused by the extreme misuse of certain very strong silver products. When extremely large amounts of silver are consumed over time and the body is unable to excrete the silver through the urine and fecal tracts, the body will send the excess silver into the skin cells to get rid of it. This condition is known as argyria. Argyria has no known side effects other than causing a person's skin to turn a blueish or greyish color. The condition of Argyria is strictly cosmetic in nature. Argyria is often a permanent condition, although some research suggests that argyria can be cured. Most importantly though, Argyria has never been reported from the ingestion of low PPM (parts-per-million), non-salt related silver products.

Risk of Argyria
There is much misinformation regarding the use of silver products causing a person's skin to turn blue or grey in color. Only the extreme misuse of certain types of very strong silver solutions has caused the condition known as Argyria. Of course the extreme misuse of any substance can cause harm or even death to people. If a person were to ingest an entire bottle of vitamins, the person would quite possibly suffer serious side affects. However, even if a child were to accidentally drink several bottles of Silver Sinus 10 ppm colloidal silver solution, he or she would suffer no ill affects at all.

What Silver Products Cause Argyria?
The US Federal Register listed the silver products that cause argyria as silver salts, including silver nitrate, silver arsphenamine, silver chloride and possibly silver iodide. These products were sold until about 1975 under various labels consisting of silver solutions ranging from 5-30% silver [50,000-300,000 ppm (parts per million) of silver] (Federal Register, FDA-21CFR Part 310, pg. 53685). In comparison, Silver Sinus colloidal silver solution is only 10 ppm.

Silver Salts Are Not Colloidal Silver
Silver Salts have mistakenly been called colloidal silver products by certain misinformed people. Colloidal is a term referring to a state of matter. An element or compound is considered colloidal when the particles are sized between one nanometer and one micrometer, and the energy of the substance is predominantly governed by surface effects. A colloid is a solid, liquid or gaseous substance that is insoluble yet remains in suspension and dispersed in another fluid medium. Dissolved solids are ionic, not colloidal. In the case of Silver Sinus's silver product, finite particles of metallic silver are suspended within steam distilled water. In contrast, silver salts readily dissolve in water, and therefore are not colloidal in nature.

Minimum Amount Of Silver Known To Cause Argyria
The minimum amount of silver known to cause argyria in adults, from the use of any silver compound (including salts) is 900 mg of silver taken orally in one year. In order to reach this level of silver intake, an individual would have to consume 1,520 two-ounce bottles of Silver Sinus 10 PPM silver solution within one year. The EPA standard for the amount of silver that can be safely consumed in drinking water is .005 milligrams per kilogram of weight per day (EPA RED document page 2, 4th paragraph). This means that a normal sized adult could safely consume one ounce (6 tsp) of the 10 PPM Silver Sinus product every day for a 72 year life span and still be within the safe limits as defined by the EPA. In the EPA RED document for silver, the EPA goes on to state (3rd page, 4th paragraph), "The EPA does not anticipate that dietary exposure to these low levels of silver will be associated with any significant degree of risk."

How Long Does The Body Retain Ingested Silver?
According to the EPA IRIS (Integrated Risk Information Systems) Report on silver (5th page, 1st paragraph), several tests were conducted in order to determine the absorption and retention of ingested silver in a number of animals (including primates). These tests indicated that between 90-99% of ingested silver was excreted by the second day after ingestion and greater than 99% was excreted in less than a week. This clearly shows that silver does not build up in the system when consumed in small amounts.

Historical use of silver
Many different silver products have been and are still being used throughout the medical industry. Until the advent of chemical antibiotics which came about in the 1940's, some very strong silver products were being used as antibiotics. Of the millions of people who used these concentrated silver products, there were no reported deaths and only 239 reported cases of generalized Argyria (EPA Report ECAO-CIN-026 Jan "91" Pg. VI-3). In that same EPA report on page VI-4 it states that Gaul and Staud (1935) suggested 8 grams of silver arsphenamine (used by injection at 145,000 ppm strength) as a safe total dose. They also noted that other authors suggest safe total doses of 12-15 grams, based on clinical experience. The work of Furchner et al (1968) as stated above showed that small amounts of silver did not build up in the system of primates. But, for arguments sake, even if we assumed that every bit of ingested silver was retained by the body, and that a person was ingesting the Silver Sinus 10 ppm silver solution at a level of two teaspoons daily, we can state that it would take an individual 235.66 years of daily usage to achieve the total accumulation of 8 grams (a level they deemed safe).

Colloidal Silver VS Prescription Antibiotics Usage
Prescription antibiotic usage, unlike Colloidal silver, can be very dangerous and in numerous cases can cause death. In an article in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) in December of the year 2000, Barbra Starfield estimated that there were 106,000 deaths yearly, that were caused by the use of antibiotics used correctly. This number does not include deaths from antibiotics which were used or prescribed incorrectly. There were no reported deaths or injuries in the year 2000 from the medicinal use of silver products.

There is no comparison on the issue of safety between colloidal silver products and prescription antibiotics. Colloidal silver is obviously much safer to use. According to the EPA, who is in charge of defining safe levels of any mineral in water used for ingestion or drinking, the oral consumption of small amounts of silver in water on a daily basis poses no significant degree of risk.

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