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Silver Sinus Reviews

Click to enlarge All testimonials on this site are actual comments and emails that we have received from satisfied customers. We did not solicit them in any way.

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I received my SilverSinus today. Oh my gosh, it has helped already. Thank you so much and I will tell everybody I know about this stuff. It is great!"

Lynette B., South Dakota Coast

"I bought the Silver Sinus for my 15 month old daughter who's had about 4 sinus infections. The last one she had she was given an antibiotic again and a week after being off of it, the infection came back. I've been giving her the Silver Sinus for about a week now and her sinus infection has cleared up! I will definitely recommend this product! No more antibiotics! Someone at work suggested she might need her adenoids out---I don't think so! Thanks Silver Sinus!"

Luz C., Nebraska

I am very pleased at how quickly silver sinus has restored normal breathing. I have been using this product for one week and it has made a remarkable improvement."

Many thanks

Gene C., Tennessee

This is an awesome product as well as an awesome information site. I am now cured of asthma like wheezing that allergists were unable to cure. Thanks!!!"

John C., California

My son found this site, cured his sinus infection after several failed antibiotic prescriptions. I referred it to a friend and purchased some directly for them and myself. They always run great specials and I received the product 3 days from ordering. Not only does this product work, the company and their service excel in a world of too many who don't. THANK YOU!"

Lynette C., Nevada

Great Product. Cleared my sinus infection in one day. The only issue I had was that the product took three days to arrive. They did not offer express shipping."

Thomas K., New York

I ordered on Saturday afternoon and had it Monday afternoon! I was dying and desperate and it worked immediately. I'll continue to use this product. I am someone with chronic sinus infections, for seven years, now I get them about 5-7 times a season, and it takes an antibiotic to get any relief, but not this time. Thank you."

Catherine S., Utah

"WOW!!! After suffering for 5 days of pounding pressure and watering eyes, Silver Sinus started to relieve the pain within 20 seconds. I wish I had found this product several years ago! I still have to finish the one week, 3 times a day dosage, but I was astonished of how fast the product works."

Mary E., Florida

"This was my first purchase of Silver Sinus but it won’t be my last. I have found Silver Sinus to be extremely effective and would recommend it to anyone seeking relief from sinus pain. Their shopping site was easy to use and delivery service was brilliant, considering I live in Australia. An overall great product."

Toni B., Australia

"Hello..I ordered this product the afternoon on 08/02/06 and received product 08/05/06 in my noon mail. Used spray at 1:00pm. It is now 1:28pm same day and I am writing this to tell you it really works!!. Really!!! Thank you for this wonderful fast & safe product!! "

Ke'hley on The West Coast

"This stuff REALLY works, I was looking at going into emergency with my sinus infection. Waited until my SILVER SINUS arrived. Two days after taking it I had relief!!!"

Jan C., Michigan Coast

"It works it really works. I have had sinus problems for 50yrs but this product is so easy and really works thank you."

Michael A., California Coast

"I am so glad that I tried your product. In the past I have struggled with sinus infections and going to the doctors and still weeks later still lingering on. I started using your product this past Friday and today I am just about over it. Thanks again."

Sara R., Michigan Coast

"I'm very satisfied. This product really works. I felt relief right away. Its natural, no chemicals. I'm impressed. Thank you."

Barbara H., California Coast

"I was very impressed with the speed of delivery and also the product. It has helped my sinuses very much."


Mary E., South Dakota Coast

"It was everything what they said it would be. I was suffering with sinus infection and a half hour after taking the product I started to feel relief. I feel good about taking something natural. I ordered it on a Sunday & it was at my door 4 days later. I would & have recommended it to my friends."

Thank You

Tom S., Florida Coast

"This is a great product and a very good information site. I have been using this product for approximately one year now, with absolutely no sinus infections. The use of antibiotics never worked, it would clear it up for a short period of time and then within one or two weeks it would return. After seeing a ear, nose and throat specialist and his solution was sinus surgery, which usually does not work and is a very painful procedure, I knew that there had to be something out there that would cure or relieve sinus infections. Silver Sinus was the answer to my problem, THANK YOU, it works. If I feel like I'm starting to get a sinus infection, I just use the product until the symptoms are gone.

Also, I have found that if you use a sinus flush daily, which are available at most pharmacies, along with the silver sinus product it really helps in clearing up the sinus infection much faster and also I have not had a cold since using this product.

Thanks again, Great product."

Greg W., Washington

"I can’t believe this product actually worked. I have had a sinus infection on and off since 1996. The past two years it kept getting more frequent and lasting longer. I gave up on antibiotics because they no longer worked or worked no better than waiting it out. I had a CT scan, went to a surgeon and was about to make an appointment for sinus surgery. I thought I would wait a few more months and try different things. I got allergy shots once a week for 9 months and there was slight improvement. But then I got another sinus infection after a cold (which happened every time). The pain was so bad I was living on ibuprofen. I knew about colloidal silver for many years but had never tried it. The first few weeks after I started using it I felt miserable and my allergies felt worse. But I kept using it. After a month, the infection was gone. The pain and swelling in my face is actually gone after all these years. Now if I feel like I am getting a cold and I feel the pressure start to build up, I just use Silver Sinus for a few days and the infection never gets started and the pressure goes away. Another huge benefit is how badly the sinus infections affected my asthma. Now that the sinus infection is gone, I have not used a rescue inhaler in months. I used to use it at least once every day. It is a shame doctors don’t recommend this to patients who have tried everything. It is worth trying. What’s the worst that can happen? It is better than trying sinus surgery which has mixed results for many people and is dangerous."

Patti P., New Jersey

"I've waited 2 months before I contacted you because I wanted to see if Silver Sinus could do what no operation, antibiotics and even weekly ENT visits could do. AND IT DID.

I have been through pure hell since I moved to Southern Arizona. Allergy shots, antibiotic pills, antibiotic shots,6 weeks of an IV drip and push antibiotics. Even an operation June 07. This has been going on since 2003. I kept believing my ENT that it would get better "we'll just try this" and than "well lets try this" and "well I don't understand, it's worked on my other patients" and nothing worked for me.

So when the 2nd operation was scheduled that would go even further up into my sinus (near the brain) I said "wait a minute" is this really going to work?

I had seen your web site before but still believed my doctor. After cancelling the 2nd operation in late Dec, I ordered my first 2 bottles of Silver Sinus. And since than I have cleared out my sinus' with stuff that only appears in horror movies. It's so amazing what your product has done for me. 5 years of fighting the infections, the swollen eyes and cheeks. It's a miracle. I still have the swelling sometimes but when I see that I do a couple of hits with the Silver Sinus on a regular basis and soon enough out comes - well you know.

Thank you - and print this if you want."

Sandy D., Arizona

"I have suffered with sinus problems for my doctor's office my file is 2inches thick and it is ALL sinus/allergy related.

The past year I have tried NOT to take antibiotics, knowing the dangers. I am a teacher and exposed to illnesses in Minnesota we are all stuck inside where viruses breed. I have been fighting a sinus infection since January and have been ill since. I finally gave in and went to Dr.2 weeks ago(March) and was put on a very strong antibiotic. I was told if this didn't work, I probably had a fungal infection which would require surgery. Well, that did it!! I started researching and found your sinus spray. I had taken the antibiotics for a week and was worse.

So, since I was desparate, decided to order the silver sinus. It was at my house in 2 days. I had quit the antibiotic one day and started the silver sinus the next. I have NEVER experienced such a miracle...It is the 3rd day and for the first time since Jan. I have NO throbbing!! I finally feel like my old self. ...that "constant tired" feeling is gone and my head is clearing more everyday. I am amazed and so thankful. It will be a new life for me....and I no longer have to worry about how those antibiotics will affect my body. I am telling all my friends that are also experiencing this sinus plague(and they are numerous as this virus has been relentless!) I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this miracle cure...what a blessing!!!!!"

Pam H., Minnesota



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